Payfty = Safety

Payfty engages top notch state-of-the-art AI controlled embedded security protocols and algorithms to ensure 99.9% tamper-proof safety of assets with optimum platform uptime and accesibility.


Low Fees, High Limits.

Aside from being one of the fast rising crypto liquidity providers, we’re consistently lowering fees and increasing limits for acquiring, selling and spending Cryptos on Payfty.


24/7 Live Support

Crypto never sleeps, so do we!. Our support team are always available round the clock - 24/7 to offer custom help tailored towards your needs and are keen to helping you grow your Cryptofolio.


Slick, Fast and Seamless

Our platforms are built for seamless and easy to understand controls even for a newbie, with our slick and uniquely designed dashboard you can never get lost in the woods interacting with your transactions and orders.

Products and Services

Payfty offers a unique range of products and service
to get you going and growing in your crypto endeavours.

Our Wallets
Full Fledged Wallet and Apps for iOS, Android and Web



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